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CHASE Conference on Secure/Trustworthy Systems
and Supply Chain Assurance

June 1-2, 2016
Rome Ballroom, University of Connecticut

This two-day event will include speakers from industry, government, and academia to share their ideas, and discuss issues and innovative solutions related to IOT security, hardware security and trust, counterfeit detection and prevention, security assessment, advanced track & trace, trusted system design, and electronic component supply chain security and management through talks, panels, posters, and open forum. The conference examines the current state-of-the-art in the domain of electronic components, systems, and hardware assurance but also put emphasis on the challenges ahead, potential solutions, standards, and potential industry, government, and academia collaboration. In addition, CHASE students will be presenting posters and demonstrate their projects.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

08:00-09:00am Registration and Breakfast

09:00-09:10am Opening Remarks, Dean Kazem Kazerounian, Prof. John Chandy, UConn

Session 1: Hardware Security
Session Chair: Marten van Dijk

09:10-09:35am Hardware Security from a EDA perspective, Michael Chen, Mentor Graphics
09:35-10:00am Hardware Design Obfuscation Methods against Active and Passive Hardware Attacks, Qiaoyan Yu, Univ. of New Hampshire
10:00-10:25am Secure Processor Architecture, Chris Fletcher, MIT
10:25-10:50am LPN-based solutions for PUFs and biometrics, Charles Herder, MIT

10:50-11:00am Break

Session 2: Counterfeit Detection and Prevention
Session Chair: Lei Wang

11:00-11:25am Multidimensional Optical ID Tags for Counterfeit Detection and Security Verification of ICs, Prof. Bahram Javidi, UConn
11:25-11:50am Novel Imaging Techniques for Counterfeit Detection and Defect Characterization, Prof. Sina Shahbaz, UConn
11:50-12:15pm TeraHertz pulsed laser systems for counterfeit avoidance, Prof. Mehdi Anwar, UConn
12:15-12:40pm, Secure and Efficient Initialization and Authentication Protocols for SHIELD, Marten van Dijk, UConn

12:40-01:30pm Lunch

01:30-02:10pm Keynote Address, Jean Bonilla, Director, IPE, State Department

Session 3: Supply Chain Management
Session Chair: John Chandy

02:15-02:40pm, Criticality analysis and the supply chain: Leveraging representational assurance, Dan Reddy, Thomas Edison State University
02:40-03:05pm, Supply Chain Security: A Hardware Perspective, Louis Parks, SecureRF
03:05-03:30pm, Reverse Engineering Resistant ROM Design Using Transformable Via-programming Structure, Shuai Chen, UConn
03:30-03:55pm, LightSource: Ultra Lightweight Clone Detection of RFID Tags from Software Unclonable Responses, Hoda Maleki, UConn

04:00-05:00pm, Break and Poster Presentation
04:00-05:00pm, Breakout Session on Intellectual Property Enforcement – Industry meeting with State Dept. Director Bonilla

Dinner: On Your Own

Thursday, June 2, 2016

08:00-08:30am Registration and Breakfast

Session 4: CPS and IoT Security
Session Chair: Laurent Michel

08:30-08:55am, ZigBee Protocol weaknesses, Chujiao Ma and Waldemar Cruz, UConn
08:55-09:20am, CASTRA – Context aware authentication and access control for mobile devices, Devu Manikantan Shila, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
09:20-09:45am, IoT Security, Asad Haque, Comcast
09:45-10:10am, Cyber/Physical Security and the Internet of Things, Robert Metzger, Rogers Joseph O’Donnell
10:10-10:35am, Air Cargo Threat Detection using an onboard IoT PLM ArchitectureDave Loda, NCPS Research

10:35-10:45am Break

Session 5: Embedded Systems Security
Session Chair: Omer Khan

10:45-11:10am Embedded Systems Security Assessment Challenges, Joe Ferraro and Patrick DeShazo, MITRE
11:10-11:35pm Strong Key Derivation from Noisy Sources, Benjamin Fuller, Lincoln Labs
11:35-12:00pm Formal proofs to embedded systems security, Sridhar Duggirala, UConn
12:00-12:25pm Hardware Trojans, Syed Kamran Haider, UConn
12:25-12:50pm Elections, Technology, and the Pursuit of Integrity, Laurent Michel, UConn

12:50-01:30pm Lunch

01:30pm, Closing Remarks



Distinguished Speaker: Donna Dodson of NIST
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