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CHASE Conference on Secure/Trustworthy Systems
and Supply Chain Assurance

April 8-9, 2015, Rome Ballroom, University of Connecticut

This two-day event will include speakers from industry, government, and academia to share their ideas, and discuss issues and innovative solutions related to IOT security, hardware security and trust, counterfeit detection and prevention, security assessment, advanced track & trace, trusted system design, and electronic component supply chain security and management through talks, panels, posters, and open forum. The conference examines the current state-of-the-art in the domain of electronic components, systems, and hardware assurance but also put emphasis on the challenges ahead, potential solutions, standards, and potential industry, government, and academia collaboration. In addition, CHASE students will be presenting posters and demonstrate their projects.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

07:30-08:15am Registration and Breakfast

Session 1: Plenary Session
Session Chair: Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UConn (CHASE)

08:15-08:20am, Opening Remarks, Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UConn (CHASE)
08:20-09:00am, Keynote Address, Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad, Vice President, National Governance, Risk and Compliance, Comcast
09:00-09:25am, Status of Collaborative Standard Work for Embedded Malware Detection and CPSS, Dr. Ken Heffner, Engineering Fellow, Honeywell
09:25-09:50am, Power Fingerprinting for Supply-Chain Integrity Validation, Dr. Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez, PFP Cybersecurity

09:50-10:20am Break

Session 2: CHASE Technologies I
Session Chair: Prof. Yier Jin, University of Central Florida

10:20-10:40am, Reverse Engineering of Printed Circuit Boards, Dr. Navid Asadi, UConn (CHASE)
10:40-11:00am, Novel Imaging Techniques for Counterfeit Detection and Defect Characterization, Dr. Sina Shahbaz, UConn (CHASE)
11:00-11:20am, Anti-reverse Engineering and Anti-tampering Using Transient Electronics, Prof. Lei Wang, UConn (CHASE)
11:20-11:40am, Supply Chain Management for Networked Electronic Devices, Kun Yang, UConn (CHASE)
11:40-12:00pm, Hardware Security Assessment, Prof. John Chandy, UConn (CHASE)

12:00-01:20pm Lunch

Session 3: Emerging Security Issues: Industry Perspective
Session Chair: Chris Daverse, SRC

01:20-01:40pm, Defending Against and Recovering From Threats to Microelectronic Systems, Dr. Lisa McIlrath, R3Logic
01:40-02:00pm, Utilizing Characteristics of Emerging Memories in Security Applications, Dr. An Chen, GlobalFoundries
02:00-02:20pm, Securing the Internet of Things – Hurdles and Opportunities, Louis Parks, SecureRF
02:20-02:40pm, Counterfeit Detection: Honeywell Round Robin Test, Steve Walters, Honeywell
02:40-03:00pm, Counterfeiting, Supply Chain Security, and the Cyber Threat; Why Defending Against Counterfeit Electronics is No Longer Enough, Janice Meraglia, Applied DNA
03:00-03:20pm, Secure Boot of Un-secured Processors, Richard Newell, Microsemi
03:20-03:40pm, Cost Effective Electrical Testing for Risk Mitigation of Sophisticated Counterfeit ICs, Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies

03:40-04:20pm, Break and Poster Presentation

04:20-05:40pm, Panel: IOT Security
Moderator: Chuck Hudson, Executive Director, National Governance, Risk and Compliance, Comcast

Jim Fahrny, Senior Fellow, Comcast

Dinner: On Your Own

Thursday, April 9, 2015

07:30-08:20am Registration and Breakfast

Session 4: Academia and Research Lab’s Perspective on Emerging Security Issues
Session Chair: Prof. Jia Di, University of Arkansas

08:20-09:00am, Keynote Address, Dr. Carl McCants, Program Manager, IARPA.
09:00-09:20am, Trusted Authenticity, Mr. Rich Vigeant, Draper
09:20-09:40am, Memristive Devices for Hardware Security Primitives, Dr. Nathan McDonald, AFRL
09:40-10:00am, Age-Based Variance in Semi-Conductor Electro-Magnetic Emission, Randall Deppensmith, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
10:00-10:20am, The Future of Embedded Systems Security, Devu Shila Manikantan, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)

10:20-10:50am Break

Session 5: CHASE Technologies II
Session Chair: Dan DiMase, Honeywell

10:50-11:10am, Anti-reverse Engineering with Human-to-Device Authentication, Prof. Domenic Forte, UConn (CHASE)
11:10-11:30am, Split Manufacturing for Protecting Integrated Circuits, Kan Xiao, UConn (CHASE)
11:30-11:50am, Structural Checking for Malicious Insertion Detection, Prof. Jia Di, University of Arkansas
11:50-12:10pm, Security and Privacy in Internet of Things and Wearable Devices, Prof. Yier Jin, University of Central Florida

12:10-01:30pm Lunch
12:30-01:00pm, Lunch Speaker, Side-Channel Analysis of a Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS), Dr. Mark Marson, Technical Director, Rambus Cryptography Research

01:30pm, Closing Remarks


Distinguished Speaker: Donna Dodson of NIST
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