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Workshop 2014: Program

CHASE Workshop on Secure/Trustworthy Systems
and Supply Chain Assurance

April 9-10, 2014, Rome Ballroom, University of Connecticut

This year’s program will include talks on innovative technologies for hardware security, Trojan detection and prevention, hardware security assessment, anti-reverse engineering, electronic component supply chain vulnerabilities, counterfeit detection and prevention, secure microprocessor design, secure supply chain, chip track and trace, side-channel attacks, embedded systems security, cross-layer security, updates on the standards, etc.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

07:30-08:00am Registration and Breakfast

Session 1: Plenary Session
Session Chair: Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)

08:00-08:20am, Opening Remarks, Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)
08:20-09:00am, Keynote Address, Dr. Kerry Bernstein, DARPA
09:00-09:20am, MDA Supply Chain Assurance, Barry Birdsong, Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
09:20-9:40am, Trends and Challenges in Hardware Security: Growing Threats vs. the Bottom Line, Celia Merzbacher, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)

09:40-10:10am Break

Session 2: CHASE Technologies I
Session Chair: Prof. Jia Di, University of Arkansas

10:10-10:30am, Design of Robust SRAM PUFs, Prof. Domenic Forte, UCONN (CHASE)
10:30-10:50am, Novel Imaging Techniques for Counterfeit Detection and Defect Characterization, Dr. Sina Shahbaz, UCONN (CHASE)
10:50-11:10am, ENS Technology for Advanced for Track and Trace of Integrated Circuits, Prof. M. Anwar, UCONN (CHASE)
11:10-11:30am, Design of Novel True Random Number Generators, Tauhid Rahman, UCONN (CHASE)
11:30-11:50am, Virtualization of Ascend; Architecture for Secure Computation on Encrypted Data, Prof. Marten Van Dijk, UCONN (CHASE)
11:50-12:10pm, BISA: Built-In Self-Authentication for Prevention of Hardware Trojans by Untrusted Foundries, Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)

12:10-01:40pm Lunch
Lunch Speakers:
Charles Hudson, Jim Fahrny, Kallol Ray, Comcast, Title: Internet of Things and the Evolution of Security

Session 3: Emerging Security Issues: Industry Perspective
Session Chair: Chris Daverse, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)

01:40-02:00pm, AMD Platform Security Processor, Dr. Ron Perez, AMD
02:00-02:20pm, FPGA Security, Trust, and Other Topics, Jim Anderson, Xilinx
02:20-02:40pm, Functional Behavior Discovery From Flat Netlists and Detection of Suspicious Components, Dr. Lisa McIlrath, R3Logic
02:40-03:00pm, Systems Security: A UTRC/UTC Perspective, Dr. Brian Murray, and Sanjay Bajekal, UTRC

03:00-04:00pm, Break and Poster Presentation

Panel: Cyber Physical Systems Security: What Are the Grand Challenges?
Moderator: Dr. Ken Heffner, Honeywell

   Dr. Keith Marzullo, NSF and NITRD CPS Co-Chair
   Joe Jarzombek, Director for Software & Supply Chain Assurance, DHS
   Chris Daverse, SRC
   Jim St. Pierre, Deputy Director, NIST Information Technology Laboratory.
   Prof. Marten Van Dijk, UCONN (CHASE).
   Dr. Igor Linkov, ERDC

Thursday, April 10, 2014

07:30-08:00am Registration and Breakfast

Session 4: Security and Supply Chain Assurance: Government Perspective
Session Chair: Prof. John Chandy, UCONN (CHASE)

08:00-08:30am, Keynote II, Detecting and Reporting Counterfeit and Tainted Products, Joe Jarzombek, Department of Homeland Security
08:30-08:50am, Analysis Tools for Hardware Integrity, Dr. Carl McCants, IARPA
08:50-09:10am, Counterfeit Detection: Honeywell Round Robin Test, Steve Walters, Honeywell
09:10-9:30am, Nanoelectronic Circuits for Hardware Security, Dr. Garrett Rose, AFRL
9:30-09:50am, Side-Channel Attacks Analysis and Countermeasures, Prof. Jerry Shi, UCONN (CHASE)

9:50-10:20am Break

Session 5: CHASE Technologies II
Session Chair: Prof. Marten Van Dijk, UCONN (CHASE)

10:20-10:40am, General-Purpose Secure Processor Design with Provably Bounding Information Leakage Through the Timing Channel , Prof. Omer Khan, UCONN (CHASE)
10:40-11:00am, Advanced Tagging, Prof. Bahram Javidi, UCONN (CHASE)
11:00-11:20am, Counterfeit Coverage Analysis, Ujjwal Guin, UCONN (CHASE)
11:20-11:40am, Hardware Security Assessment, Profs. John Chandy, Laurent Michel, Jerry Shi, Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)
11:40-12:00pm, Anti-reverse Engineering Using Transient Electronics, Profs. Lei Wang and John Chandy, UCONN (CHASE)

12:00-12:50pm, Comcast Presentation
12:50-1:50pm Lunch

Session 6: Security and Counterfeit: A Leading Industry Perspective
Session Chair: Prof. Domenic Forte, UCONN (CHASE)

01:50-02:10pm, Chip and System Traceability, Bill Eklow, Cisco
02:10-02:30pm, Credible Chain of Custody, David Brown, Intel
02:30-02:50pm, From Brand Protection to Brand Integrity Management, Brad Minnis, Juniper
02:50-03:10pm, Supply Chain Security from a Vendor’s Perspective, Edna Conway, Cisco
03:10-03:30pm, Cost Effective, Real-time Tracking of Individual Components, Richard McDermott, Signakey

03:30-04:20pm, Break and Project Demonstrations

Panel: Chip and System Traceability: How Far Can We Go?
Moderator: Saverio Fazzari, Booz Allen Hamilton

   Bill Eklow, Cisco
   Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies
   Jim Trego, Scaled Solutions LLC
   Janice Meraglia, Applied DNA
   David Brown, Intel
   Lee Mathiesen, Lansdale Semiconductor
   Louis Parks, SecureRF Corporation
   Doug Fosnaught, DLA

06:00pm, Closing Remarks

List of Posters to be Presented by CHASE Students and Research Fellows During Poster Sessions:

  1. Novel SRAM Physical Unclonable Workshop (PUFs), Kan Xiao and Tauhid Rahman
  2. Built-In Self-Authentication for Preventing Hardware Trojans, Kan Xiao
  3. Design of Aging-Resilient Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs), Tauhid Rahman
  4. CDC: Counterfeit Coverage Analysis, Ujjwal Guin
  5. Combating Recycling and Remarking, Ujjwal Guin
  6. CPD: Counterfeit Parts Defect Characterization, Prof. Domenic Forte and Dr. Sina Shahbaz
  7. Secure Split-Test for Preventing IC Piracy, Gus Contreras
  8. Counterfeit FPGA Detection using Precision Aging, Halit Dogan
  9. Advanced Imaging for Counterfeit Detection, Dr. Sina Shahbaz
  10. CHASE Facilities and Capabilities, Dr. Sina Shahbaz
  11. IP Trust and Vulnerability Analysis, Prof. Hassan Salmani
  12. Counterfeit Memory Detection, Wesley Stevens
  13. Virtual Lab for Security and Trust Analysis, Kasim Ward
  14. Hardware Trojan Detection and prevention, Kan Xiao
  15. An Advanced RFID-based Track and Trace System using SRAM PUF, Kun Yang
  16. Security Assessment, Paul Wortman and Chujiao Ma
  17. System Level Attack Analysis, Greg Johnson
  18. Advanced Chip Tagging
  19. Anti-Reverse Engineering using Transient Electronics
  20. Nano Particles for Unique Identification of Integrated Circuits
  21. Infrared Analysis for Counterfeit Electronic Parts Detection, Isaac Collins, Howard University


Distinguished Speaker: Donna Dodson of NIST
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